How to check motorbike registration

When you buy a second hand bike there are checks you really should do to make sure that the bike’s not stolen, that there’s no outstanding finance on it and that it’s not been scrapped by the DVLA. Find out here how to check motorbike registration as well as other stuff like when the bike’s MOT expires and its year of manufacture.
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The sort of services that people use when buying second hand cars like hpicheck.com, are also useful for those purchasing motorbikes. Sites like this can help you identify if the bike has outstanding finance, if it’s stolen, written off or if it’s been clocked. There are more specialised sites like mymotorcyclecheck.com but in our experience these bike-specific sites don’t offer anything that standard HPI sites can’t.


The other site to check is gov.uk. You’ll be able to find out when the bike’s road tax expires, when it’ll need a new MOT, and stuff like the date the bike was first registered by heading to gov.uk/get-vehicle-information-from-dvla. The bike’s registered colour, engine size and the manufacturer rated CO2 emissions are also available here.

Registered keeper

To make sure you’re buying the bike from the registered keeper you’ll need to check this with the DVLA. Thankfully you can also do this online at gov.uk. They won’t just give out this information to anyone for data protection reasons so you need to show that you have “reasonable cause” before they’ll provide you with this answer. The info you can request includes: details of the vehicle’s registered keeper, info on previous keepers for a vehicle now registered in your name and any details that the DVLA hold about you.

Making a request for information

To make a request for information you’ll need to complete a Form V888 which you will also find at gov.uk.

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