How to dispose of motor oil

An oil change is great for your car but it’s not all that wonderful for the environment if you don’t dispose of the waste oil responsibly. We’ll tell you how to dispose of motor oil and tell you how to find your local oil bank.
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Did you know?

Did you know that oil never degrades? It just gets dirty as it passes through your car’s engine so it can easily be recycled and reused. Obviously this is great for the environment and it also helps keep a valuable resource.

Collection service

Your best bet is to use a collection service. You’ll find reliable services at solwayrecycling.co.uk and ossgroup.uk.com but loads of other companies offer the same service. You can dispose of cooking oils and motor oils with one of these services and the best part is that they’ll come and pick up. Most of these services are only available to those with large quantities of oil to recycle so they really cater for businesses . As these guys make money from recycling your oil they need large quantities to cover their admin and collection costs.

Oil Banks

If you don’t have enough oil to attract a collection service, you’ll need to visit your local oil bank to dispose of it properly. You’ll find that by checking out oilbankline.org.uk.

Environmental impact

If you’d like to know more about the environmental impact of throwing oil away irresponsibility, check out the Oil Care Campaign’s website - oilcare.org.uk. You’ll also get loads of advice on how to look after your oil better so that it does more for your car.

How to dispose of cooking oil

If you have a small quantity of cooking oil to get rid of, click here for our comprehensive guide to getting rid of it safety and cleanly.

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