How to drive through snow

When the weather turns for the worst and you still need to get to work, you’ll need to find out how to drive through snow safely. The best techniques depend heavily on the type of car you have but there are some general practices which will keep every driver safe on the roads during winter.
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Set off early

Giving yourself plenty of time to make the journey is the best way of getting somewhere on time so make sure you allow more time than normal. You’ll need to take up some of that time clearing your car or snow and then you’ll have to drive gingerly along icy roads and behind other cautious drivers which will also take up more time than normal.

Clearing the car

Clear the car completely of snow. Make sure that all windows are clear of the white stuff and take it off the roof too. Snow has been known to fall down onto the windscreen under braking which will impair your vision.


Driving in the snow requires concentration but most of all it needs patience. There will probably be less traffic on the roads but you should be more aware of each car. Watch the behaviour of oncoming traffic because these cars might slide towards you. Cars coming towards you downhill may not be able to stop, and the drivers of cars approaching you uphill might not stop for fear that they won’t be able to get going again so be ready for unusual driving behaviours.

Driving techniques

Make sure that you accelerate gently and keep your steering inputs smooth. Brake progressively and keep your speed to a minimum because you never know what you’re driving over. If you lose traction over the snow or icy, lift off gently, don’t make any panicked movements of the steering wheel and wait until your tyres begin to grip again. If you’ve been driving slowly and patiently, you should have enough time to control the car.

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