How to find - and fit - Honda genuine alloy wheels

Got yourself a great bargain on a Honda? Maybe a sporty Civic or a practical CR-V? But there's something missing: really good, honda genuine alloy wheels . Or, maybe your beloved Honda has been kindly unburdened of its alloys by a helpful youth. Either way, the good news is there's a range of sizes and styles of Honda alloys to choose from.

The Civic, for example, can take either 17in alloys or 18in for those who like a tighter, sportier wheel. The 18in alloys come in two styles, one six-pronged, one nine-pronged. The 17inchers come in a range of styles, from a minimalist five-pointer to a striking 16-point star arrangement.

For the compact Jazz, you could get a 15in 'Crystal' pattern, with seven dramatically-dividing pairs of spokes, or the muscular 16in, ten-spoke 'Cronos'.

You can order fresh alloys straight from your Honda dealer, or you could go to eBay or one of a number of other online retailers. So there's no excuse not to fit our your pride and joy with a sexy set of wheels.

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