How to fit snow chains on cars tyres

When winter’s approaching you can change your tyres for studded snow tyres, you can put snow socks over the driven wheels or you can go fit snow chains to your existing tyres. If you’re experiencing the harshest of winters, we’ll tell you how to fit snow chains on your cars tyres so you can drive around safely.
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Safety first

The reason for fitting snow chains is to make your car safer. You’ll make it more dangerous to drive in any conditions if you don’t fit them properly so make sure you follow these instructions to the letter. The first thing you have to do is to buy snow chains that fit your tyres. The manufacturer will list the tyre sizes that their chains can be used with.

How to fit the snow chains

Make sure the handbrake is on and the car is in gear before you start.

  • There’s no need to jack the car up to put them on
  • Simply place the chain over the tyre making sure that it evenly covers the tyre and wheel
  • Once the first chain is evenly and securely in place over the parts of the tyre not touching the road, put the other chains onto the remaining wheels
  • When the chains are in place, creep the car forward less than 1 metre to expose the part of the tyre that’s not cover
  • Put the brake back on and then cover the remainder of the tyre
  • Make sure the chains are tightly in place

Once they are in place

When every tyre is covered and you’ve secured them, you’ll need to test them. Drive a little way, perhaps less than 30 metres and then retighten the chains. They will have slackened off, so make sure you do this. You can expect a bumpy ride the first time you use them. Don’t be alarmed though that’s the reaction everyone has when they first use snow chains. Also, if your practice run takes place on a dry road, don’t drive too far or too fast.

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