How to Fix a Bicycle Puncture

We have all been there. A long cycle where we seem to be at our farthest from our destination and you suddenly realise you have a puncture. It is vital that if you are a regular cyclist that you know how to fix a bicycle puncture when the situation arises.

Tool Up in Preparation

There are a few things you will need to learn in order to know how to fix a bicycle puncture but crucially there are also certain tools and items you will need. Without these items knowing how to fix a puncture is not going to do you much good. Lets design a kit bag for you right now that will have you prepared for a puncture of any sort.

First up you should invest in a tool bag that clips onto your bike. These bags come in many shapes and sizes so find one that suits you and the shape of your bike. In your new tool bag you are going to need a set of tyre levers, patches, a range of allen keys that cover all bolt sizes on your wheels, a jar of rubber solution, a piece of fine sandpaper, a pump and a spare tube or too in case the puncture is too far gone to patch up.

Now you are ready to tackle the puncture with the first task being to find the exact cause of the puncture. Do this by tracing the tyre around to see if there is a sharp object stuck in it. Next you will need to remove all the remaining air in the tube and then remove the trye using your tyre levers. Check inside the car for sharp objects that may have passed through.

Then take the pump and fill the tube with air once more in preparation for finding the hole. A neat trick for pinpointing the puncture is to place the tube in water mixed with washing up liquid. You will notice bubbles when you pass the pierced part of the tube through the water.

Get a Patch On

Once you have located the hole this is where knowing how to fix a bicycle puncture gets put into practice. Take your fine sandpaper and clean the area around the hole. Then apply a dab of rubber solution and rub it into the area well. Finally, take an appropriately sized patch, remove the back and apply it over the rubber solution. Now replace the tube and the tyre and reinflate. You are now good to go!

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