How to Fix a Car Tyre Puncture

Cars are expensive to run and maintain all the time. But just like servicing your own vehicle is absolutely achievable, so is fixing a puncture. It will save you a lot of money to learn how to fix a car tyre puncture by yourself. Remember though, a puncture on the wall of a tyre demands replacing with a new trye immediately. Lets take a look at how to fix a puncture on the tread side of a tyre step by step.

Plug That Hole

First things first, you are going to need a few things to successfully fix a puncture. You will need all the items that make up a puncture repair kit and these include a round filing tool, a split-eye insertion tool, tyre plugs and rubber solution also known as rubber cement. You can pick up one of these kits at a motor store or online for around £10.

Now we are going to run through exactly how to fix a car tyre puncture. First you need to find the object that caused the puncture. Often times this will be a nail, a screw or some other long and pointy object. Once you find the culprit then it is important to mark the spot using a marker. Remove the object and take your round filing tool to file the inner edges of the hole. Then add a bit of rubber solution to the area in preparation for the plug.

You take your tyre plug and thread it through the split-eye insertion tool. Then insert the insertion tool and plug into the hole until the plug ends are only sticking out a little bit. Remove the insertion tool and your plug should now be filling the puncture hole in a tight manner that will keep air in the tyre.

Final Check on the Plug

Inflate the tyre and use soapy water to check if the plug is doing the trick and if so then you can go ahead and clip the plug so it is flush with the tyre. And now you know how to fix a car tyre puncture so the next time it happens save yourself from purchasing a brand new trye and do it yourself.

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