How to fix bicycle chain

If your bicycle chain comes off while you’re riding, you’re likely to fall of the bike. Putting it back on while you’re on the side of the road is about as much fun as the fall you’ve just experienced, so we’ll tell you how to fix a bicycle chain in a few easy steps.
    Getty - Joel Saget

Step 1

The first thing you’ll need is a chain tool. With one this is a fairly straightforward job. Without one, it’s a lot harder so make your life easier and buy one from your local bike store.

Step 2

You’ll need the chain tool for this first part as your initial job involves pushing the pin out of your bike’s chain. Most chain tools work in the same way. All you have to do is screw the chain tool’s pin towards the pin on the bicycle chain. This will push the pin from the bike’s chain and release the links. Be careful not to push the pin all the way through as it’s pretty difficult to get back in place.

Step 3

In this step you just snap the two chain pieces apart.

Step 4

Now you click the two links back into place. Make sure that the pin’s facing you as this will make step 5 far easier.

Step 5

Hold the pin with your forefinger and thumb and then push it back into both the link it came from and the one you’re now attaching. Make sure it comes out the same amount on both sides of the chain.

Step 6

Grab the chain at the point where the newly connected links are and move them from side to side. You need to do this in order to loosen up the connection you’ve just made. You may want to use the chain tool here as it could be attached to the other side of the connection you’ve just completed and used to push the pin back ever so slightly.

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