How to get your motorcycle licence in the UK

Being allowed out on the road in charge of a motorcycle is a big thing so there several steps you have to complete before your provisional motorcycle licence can be changed to a full licence. You can find out how to get your motorcycle licence in the UK by visiting gov uk and sifting through pages of information, but we’ve made thing simpler with this step-by-step guide.
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Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course

Once you’ve got your provisional licence you can take the CBT course. This will allow you to ride unaccompanied on the public road. You’ll only be allowed a bike with a 125 CC capacity and a power output that’s 11kW or less and you’ll need to display L plates (or D plates in Wales).


In order to ride a moped you have to be over 16 years-old and you need a provisional moped licence. Again, the CBT training has to be passed successfully. Once the CBT has been passed, you’ll be able to ride a moped with a 28mph top speed and again L or D plates must be displayed.

Age requirements

When you’re ready to learn to ride a motorcycle with more than a 125 CC capacity, you have to meet the minimum age requirement. The age requirement differs depending on the category of bikes.

  • Category A1 – minimum age 17, maximum power output 11kW
  • Category A2 – minimum age 19, maximum power output 35kW
  • Category A – minimum age 21 for progressive access and 24 for direct access, unlimited power output

How to get your motorcycle licence in the UK

To get your full licence you have to complete a motorcycle theory test as well as modules 1 and 2 of the practical tests on a two-wheeled motorcycle. You can’t carry passengers or pull a trailer until you’ve passed the test.

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