How to install snow chains for tyres

Whenever the winter months arrive, the weather man always worries us with thoughts of snow then we wind each other up by talking about the possibility of being snowed in and we remind each other of the last time the winter turned icy. The next time you find yourself in an icy landscape like something from Disney’s Frozen, make sure chain your car’s tyres. We’ll tell you how to install snow chains for tyres so you have enough traction over ice and snow.
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Step 1

Before you begin make sure that the car’s handbrake is on and it’s in gear. There’s no need to use the car’s jack but you might want to turn the steering wheel so that the tyre is out of the wheel arch. All you do from here is place the chain evenly over the tyre making sure that it covers both the tyre and the wheel. Check that it’s evenly and securely fitted before moving onto the next wheel. At this stage all of the chains will be on the tyres but not every part of the tyres will be covered by the chains.

Step 2

When all of the chains are in place, get back inside the car and creep it forward. You won’t need to drive or roll more than a metre. This will expose the part of the tyre that’s not covered by the chain. Put the brake back on and then complete the job by wrapping the chain over the remainder of the tyres.

Safety first

When you’re done you’ll need to test that everything’s in place properly. Do to this drive about 30 metres. After this retighten the chains. They will have slackened, so make sure that you don’t skip this final stage.

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