How to Jump Start a Diesel Car

Jump starting a petrol car is a fairly straightforward process but how best to jump start a diesel car? Is it that much different from a petrol jump start? We will guide you through the process step by step, so that if your diesel car needs a jump start you will be able to cope and get your engine running again in the safest way possible.

What Exactly Do you Need to Do?

Many people are left unsure as to how to jump start a diesel car but it really isn't too different from rebooting a petrol engine. The most important tool you need is a set of heavy duty jumper cables as a diesel engine is more demanding on start up. You can also, contrary to popular belief, jump start a diesel car off of a running petrol car as well as a running diesel car.

Once you have found a willing helper, you need to get their running car in front of the car that needs a jump. Turn off the engine of the running car and pop both bonnets so that you can access both batteries.

Next, hook up the jump leads by taking the positive cable and attaching one end to the dead battery and the other end to the car with power. Repeat this with the negative cable.

Once the positive and negative cables are correctly attached and secure, turn on the heater in the diesel car in order to prepare it for the surge of energy that is about to come from the running car.

It is now time to start the engine of the running car. After about a minute, turn the key in the dead car and it should start immediately. Leave it running and return to the battery to carefully remove the cables. Take extra care not to cross them at any point while they are still conneceted as this could prove disastrous for one of the batteries.

Hitting the Road

Once you have carefully removed the cables and stored them away again, you now know how to jump start a diesel car. Leave the car running or take it on a long drive so that the alternator can generate enough power to recharge the battery fully. Should you experience further trouble then it is highly recommended that you take your car to your local mechanic.

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