How to maintain diesel car engine

Diesel cars aren’t as easy to maintain as petrol vehicles. If you’re considering purchasing your first diesel to get the additional fuel consumption benefits that come with this sort of powerplant, you should find out how to maintain a diesel car engine.
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Service intervals for diesel engines tend to be less frequent than they are for the equivalent petrol cars but they’re normally more expensive.

Comparison with petrol engines

Unlike petrol engines, diesel powerplants don’t have electrical ignition parts like plugs and wires, and they don’t have a distributor rotor which is subject to wear and tear. Diesel engines run at a higher compression ratio than petrol motors. This tends to be around 4 times the pressure that petrol engines run at. This means that the engine produces more heat which puts demands onto the cooling system. For this reason alone, the cooling system is something that you need to keep an eye on with diesel cars.

Glow plugs

The regular inspection of the engine’s glow plugs is important with diesel power. As the ignition depends on compressed hear, the glow plugs can fail to produce enough heat for the fuel to burn. You’ll need to keep a close eye on them during the coldest winter months.

Oil filter

The oil filter is another area of the engine that you need to regularly inspect. Sulphur residue and carbon deposits can create problems for your engine. A good, well maintained filter will make sure that corrosive elements don’t engine into the oil.


As a general rule of thumb you should add a diesel treatment bottle to the fuel tank whenever you fill up as this will prevent impurities from gathering. Another general rule when you own a diesel powered car is to take your time when you carry out any maintenance work and never do so while the engine’s running.

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