How to make money when you sell a car for parts

With most cars you’ll make more money selling them on in working order but if your car’s got a major problem and the repair bill is more than the value of the car, you might like to consider selling it for parts. Even if the issue is cosmetic, you may find it hard to get a private buyer, and garages will look to pay you the minimum amount. When you sell a car for parts you can make a lot more from it but is it worth the hassle?
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Second hand dealers

Car dealers have to make a profit on the cars they buy. In order to maximise their profits, they’ll always try and minimise their expenses. Unless you’re in the motor trade yourself, you’re in their hands when you sell your car. Selling for scrap takes this issue away.

Selling for parts

If your car’s in a state of disrepair and you can’t afford to fix it, check out a site like asm-autos.co.uk, motorhog.co.uk or autospares-salvage.com. These car wreckers yards will accept all types of car and van. The vehicle’s age and condition are not important so whether your car is roadworthy or if it has accident damage, it’ll be treated the same. This firms will either repair the car and sell it on via their online auctions or they’ll harvest it for parts. Either way, they’ll have a vehicle they can make profit on and you’ll have cash in place of a car you can’t use.

Private sale

If you’ve got the time and you understand cars well enough, why not sell the parts yourself? You could list them on ebay.co.uk or through exchangeandmart.co.uk for a very small sum. This could work out more lucrative than selling the car to a scrapyard but it will take time.

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