How to pass the theory test for driving in the UK

Practice makes perfect they say, so the best way of working out how to pass the theory test for driving in the UK is to take mock tests. You can practice the test through gov.uk or through sites like theorytestpro.co.uk and toptests.co.uk.
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You can practice the official Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) theory test for free through gov.uk. There are several different practice theory tests available through the site, so you have to select whether the tests for a car, motorcycle, lorry, bus or coach. As with the theory test proper, the practice test has 50 questions and everything about these mock tests is similar to what you’ll face at the test centre.

Mock tests

The practice screens you’ll find on the site are very similar to those you’ll find at the test centre, but you can’t practice the hazard perception part of the real thing. To run the test in your browser, you’ll need Adobe Flash 9 installed. You can always download that from adobe.com/uk if you’re not up to date. The website doesn’t store your scores when the test is over, but the pass mark for the tests is 43 out of 50.

Other sites

Sites like theorytestpro.co.uk and toptests.co.uk also offer mock tests. There are charges for using services like this but if money is not a problem, then you might find them useful.

Need more help?

If you’re worried about your test and you need some additional help, there are plenty of books and websites full of useful advice. Why not check out sites like theorytestadvice.co.uk and thestudentroom.co.uk where useful advice and additional links to other worthwhile sites can be found. Your driving instructor is also a source of information on the subject, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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