How to Put on Tyre Chains

When the weather starts to turn and the winter comes you might need to consider putting snow chains onto your tyres. They’re one of the best ways of keeping traction on roads that haven’t been gritted. There’s an art to putting them on successfully so we’ll take you through it.

Step 1

First of all, untangle the chains so they resemble a spider’s web. Before you attempt to put the chains on make sure that the car’s hand brake is fully on and that it’s in gear. Place the chains onto the driven wheels, which are the front two for most drivers in the UK. Put them over the tyre’s tread and let them fall evenly over the rest of the tyre. Of course the bottom of the tyre that’s in contact with the road won’t be covered at this point but don’t worry about that for now. Repeat the step with both driven wheels.

Step 2

Now that the chains are fitted evenly across the around three-quarters of each wheel, drive forward a little to allow the rest of the tyre to be covered. You won’t need to travel more than a metre to make this work. Put the brakes back on and then secure the chains. Tighten them sufficiently and link them together to complete.

Step 3

Although the tyre chains are fitted, they won’t be as tight as you’ll need them to be to provide maximum grip. To tighten them drive between 20 and 30 metres further. This will allow them to find their place on the tyre. They’ll slacken off a little in the process so get out and retighten them. You’ll need to practice driving on them which normally means a bumpy journey on a dry road is in store. Don’t go too fast and there won’t have any problems.

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