How to repair a flat tyre

If you notice that your car tyre is flat when you go to drive your car, don’t take it into a garage to repair it until you’ve accessed the damage and worked out how to whether you can fix it yourself. Finding out how to repair a flat tyre is fairly simple and there aren’t many tools needed, so this could be a safe DIY job you could do on your driveway.


All you’ll need to repair a flat tyre is a car jack, pliers, a knife, a wheel wrench and a puncture repair kit. With these tools in hand, there are 5 steps to follow in order to repair your car tyre.

Step 1 – remove the nail

You should take the wheel off in the first instance before attempting to remove the nail. It may be possible to get to the nail without taking the wheel off, but you should inspect the tyre properly for damage and you can only do that if it’s taken off the hub. Once you’ve done this use a pair or pliers to remove the nail.

Step 2 – ream the hole

In the next step you have to ream the hole out to make it big enough for the plug to fit in. Be careful not to overdo it and make the hole too big.

Step 3 – plug tuning

Insert the plug into the plug tool so that it’s centred and then cover the plug with rubber cement.

Step 4 – keep plugging

Insert the plug into the hole and make sure it goes all the way

Step 5 – remove the plug

At this stage you should be fine to pull the plug tool out. When that’s done, cut the remaining plug off. When it’s dried you can pump the tyre back up to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure and you’ll be good to go.

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