How to repair rust on a car

There are some rust problems that are beyond the skills of most drivers. They’ll need to be taken care of by a recognised body shop but a lot of the little rust issues that form over time can be sorted out yourself. Find out how to repair rust on a car in a few easy steps so you can avoid the sort of bills that make running an old car expensive.
    Getty - Jacques Clement

Step 1

Rust on cars is nowhere near as commonplace as it was twenty or thirty years ago but it’s still an issue some drivers have to face. Before you start any work on the rust, you’ll need to clean the affected area. All you’ll need for this is soap. When it’s clear, dry the area thoroughly.

Step 2

Use masking tape to cover the area around the rust spot. When that’s done, use a strip of sandpaper to remove the rust. You’ll only need to apply moderate pressure when doing this as you won’t want to damage the metal.

Step 3

Now you’ve cleaned and cleared the area it’s time to start the repair work. Blow away any remaining dirt and dust and then examine the area where the rust was. You’ll need to go back to the sanding and wiping if there are still signs of rust. If not, you can move onto step 4.

Step 4

Now you should remove the tape you put on in step 2. Then you coat the sanded area with primer and wait for it to dry. When the primer has dried, you’re repair work is over and all you’ll need to do is re-spray the car to make it look as good a new.

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