How to save fuel smartly

Prices of fuel are more likely to go up than the opposite so, unless you’re planning on buying a new car which is not a gas guzzler, you better know how to save fuel, cut corners and get more out of your money. You don’t need to reconfigure the engine or do other stuff to improve fuel economy, but change a few driving habits and shift to best practices.

Driving tips

  • Don't speed

How to save fuel while on the road is a challenge that's not so difficult to tackle. Going fast consumes a lot more fuel than when you're driving at lower speeds. Save fuel and traffic tickets by sticking to speed limits and you’ll be fine. Remember you also have to brake harder when you're going fast which uses more fuel. Avoid going blazing fast when you're in the motorway and always look beyond the car in front of you to see if there is a slowdown. When you see that something is happening, shift down gradually to avoid harsh braking.

  • Slow down in traffic

Put your gear in neutral when at a traffic stop. If you know that the light takes ages to change and you're not likely to pass when it turns green, switch off your engine to save fuel. In addition, orange means slow down not speed up, so get your foot off the gas pedal until you come to a crawling stop.

  • Save energy when climbing and descending

When going down a hill, remember the force of gravity. For as long as your engine is on, put it in neutral and roll down without stepping on the gas. Even if the engine dies, you can always switch it on when you reach the bottom, are on flat terrain or ascending. Climbing hills is pretty straightforward for you have to make sure that you can manage the peak without a dead engine. Watch your tachometer to see if the RPM is at the desired level. With enough practice you’ll see that doing a climb is best achieved in the 2nd and 3rd gear.

  • Buy fuel when prices are cheap

Do lookout for specials and even loyalty programmes at pumping stations. It’s easy to choose when one store sells the same fuel for the same price, but you get extra perks such as double points or a freebie. Watch out when prices are going down and get that full tank at a lesser price. While this does not happen regularly, every little helps and adds up.

Other helpful hints

By following these tips on how to save fuel, you will stretch the value of your money. Changing driving habits can help you set aside some dosh. There are also other things you can do such as reducing drag by getting rid of unnecessary stuff in the boot. Minimise use of air-con when it’s not really hot. Roll down windows just to get enough air, but don’t do this when on the motorways when you're driving at higher speeds for it just increases turbulence and will use more energy.

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