How to share my car

If you’re interesting in car pooling to save some money from your daily commute, there are lots of websites that will help you link up with like-minded individuals living in your area. So if you’re asking yourself: how to share my car and halve the cost of the daily commute, we’ve got some sites that will make that possible.
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Company’s intranet

If you work for a large firm that’s spread across several floors, you may not be able to ask if anyone’s interested in car sharing. Most firms have a company intranet where you’ll find out information about the firm’s car sharing policy. If not, the intranet site may have a message board on which you could put forward your interest in finding someone to share your car journey with.


Sharing with someone who works in a company based near yours and lives in your area is the ideal scenario if you can’t find anyone to share with from work. A website like liftshare.com could be the answer you’re looking for. This is the UK’s largest car sharing website and it’s pretty easy to use. All you have to do is input your home and work postcodes and then the date of travel. You can choose “regular” if you’re interested in an ongoing arrangement and you can use the destination’s name if you’re not aware of your company’s postcode.


This is another car pooling site that should be looked into. This firm concentrate on the employer rather than the workers so you might have to make a case to your manager if you like what you read on sharemycar.com. The emphasis here is on the firm saving car parking spaces or releasing land for more profitable endeavours than allowing employees to park, so why point your employer to sharemycar.com?

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