How to ship a car to Europe from the UK

As you'd expect there are rules and regulations to follow if you want to get a car across from the continent to the UK. We'll tell you how to ship a car to Europe from the UK and suggest some services that will take a lot of the hard work out of this process.
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Shipping rules

There are a few laws you need to be aware of before you consider whether or not to transfer a car from Europe to the UK. Any vehicle imported into the UK permanently must be approved to make sure they meet safety and environmental standards. Normally an importer will take care of these details but it can't do any harm to be aware of them yourself.


You'll need a European Certificate of Conformity before you can ship the car across. You can get this from the vehicle's manufacturer if it's right hand drive. You'll also need to provide a Certificate of Mutual Recognition if you're importing a left-hander. If the car has no European approval, you'll also need a complete Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) form.


You'll find lots of specialists on the web who can do all the paperwork and make sure everything's in place. Sites like shipmycar.co.uk offer the complete package and they allow you to track the car's progress from the continent.

Finding out more

Check out gov.uk if you'd like more information on the rules and regulations. You'll also need to visit the site in order to get the VAT, duty and Vehicle Tax paid. If you no longer want to get involved with importing a car from outside the UK, why not check out what's available in Northern Ireland.

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