How to wax a car

When you have a nice car, you want to take care of it. Waxing it is a way of making it look great while protecting the paintwork so it’s definitely a job worth doing. If you haven’t done it before, you’ll need to know how to wax a car before you attempt it or you could waste your time, your effort and the expensive wax.
    Getty - Paula Bronstein

Wash the car

Sounds obvious but you’ll need a clean car in order to apply the wax. Just use mild soap and water but thoroughly clean the car. Make sure you get it completely clean and then totally dry as wax can’t adhere to dirt and it’ll have a hard time sticking to the car’s bodywork if there’s moisture.

In a garage

Sounds strange, but wax the car in your garage if you’ve got one. You’d never think to wash the car inside so waxing it in the garage isn’t something that most of us consider but it’s best to keep the car away from direct sunlight when you wax. This also allows you to control the temperature easier which is very important if you want to get a great finish.

Perfect conditions

The perfect conditions are between 13°C and 30°C. The cooler side of this scale is preferable. When the weather’s hot, the wax dries too quickly which makes buffing difficult. When the weather’s too cold, the wax is hard so you’ll struggle to apply it properly.

Applying the wax

You’ll normally find some application tool with the wax. If there isn’t anything with the wax, use a new white cloth. The sort of thing you can buy cheaply in most supermarkets. You’ll need gentle, overlapping circular motions to apply the wax successfully. Divide the car into sections and wax each part until it’s complete. Don’t apply too much pressure while you rub the wax in, but don’t be too gentle either.

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