How will cars look in 2020?

Predicting the future is pretty much impossible. Those who do either go wildly over the top and envisage spacemen and flying cars or they just assume that everything will continue in a natural curve of evolution. Neither of these things are true but we do have an idea of what cars will look like because designers are putting pen to paper right now coming up with concepts that will see the light of day in 2020.

Self-driving cars

Self-driving cars may be ready for the road by 2020 but we’re not sure that legislation will be in place to allow them to be let loose on Europe’s roads. Questions like: who’s responsible in an accident need answering before this can happen. The Google self-driving car and similar projects by Volvo and Ford will continue to develop but don’t expect to be overtaken by a driverless car in the year 2020.

2020 vision

How will cars look by 2020? Will the concept of aerodynamics and aesthetics be replaced with notations of how cars should look to give them a futuristic vibe. That seems to be the thinking behind the appearance of the Apple Electric Car shown in our lead image. This one’s codenamed “Titan” for some reason and it’s the brainchild of Steve Jobs apparently. The word is that he always wanted his IT company to produce a car so they eventually started work on it with the help of former Tesla employees. This one will be self-driven and have loads of tech of course.

Fuels for life

Biofuels will be cost-competitive with fossil fuels by 2020. That’s the prediction coming out of America. The US Army and their Navy have pledged to use as much biofuel than fossil fuel by 2020 which will boost the competitiveness of biofuels in the US market. Eventually that will have a knock-on effect for the rest of the world.

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