Hydrogen-Powered Supercar

Just recently Ronn Motors of Austin, Texas, USA unveiled what looks to be the supercar of supercars, the Scorpion. It reportedly gets from zero to 60 mph (zero to 97 kph) and achieves an incredible 27 miles per gallon (11.61 kilometres per litre). That’s excellent for a supercar, but it gets even better. Ronn Motors teamed up with Check Engine of Florida, USA and installed the Hydrorunner G3, an on-board electrolysis unit that provides the Scorpion with Hydrogen-on-demand, reducing emissions and improving mileage to a whopping 40 miles per gallon (17.20 kilometres per litre).

The Hydrorunner G3 breaks up water molecules taken in from a small on-board water tank, essentially manufacturing its own hydrogen fuel to pump up the Scorpion. This means the supercar won’t need to store the dangerously volatile fuel, nor would it need to rely on hydrogen refuelling stations. The Scorpion burns petrol alongside the hydrogen, but since there is no carbon in hydrogen, carbon dioxide emissions are negligible, as are nitrogen oxides.

With the Scorpion’s recent successful unveiling at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Ronn Motors has set its sights beyond the supercar. They are set to develop a four-passenger luxury sedan with the same hydrogen-on-demand system.

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