Hyundai free iPad giveaway

Even if you’re a techophobe who opts for a pen, paper and stamp to communicate you’ll know that a glow in the dark oblong known as the iPad is causing a stir at the moment. The must-have computer has just been released in the US with nerds camping out over night to get their grubby little mitts on one. To capitalise on the buzz one major car manufacture has come up with a new ploy.

At the New York Auto Show this weekend, the fourth largest car firm in the world Hyundai announced it would be giving away a free iPad to ever customer who bought a brand new Hyundai Equus - basically spend £30,000 and save you £350 and a trip to the Apple store for you.

Apart from causing a nice a bit of free PR for the car company the secondary reason for the tie-in is that the manual for the Equus will be available to view on the iPad.

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