‘I’ have a good idea

The BMW ‘i’ range is to expand to include alternatively fuelled cars, according to car boss Ian Robertson.

Autocar reports that the cryptic Robertson said the i3 one-box hatchback and i8 sports car were ‘two bookends for the brand; in the middle there will be more books.’

BMW has dipped its toe in the water of hybrids and electric cars before, but now the market has opened up BMW will be able to market cars designed specifically with alternative power sources.

The i8 is one model getting punters hot under the collar, and will become BMW’s ‘halo’ car upon its launch in 2013. Robertson added: ‘i8 will be a pinnacle car for the BMW brand as a whole, not just the i brand. BMW is about being premium, leading-edge technology and sportiness and this is a real halo product for us.’

We can’t wait.

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