If cars could talk …

Boffins from Bologna claim to have developed computer software that will let cars communicate with each other, and thus reduce the rate of accidents and pile-ups could disappear by as much as 40 percent.

Tests in conjunction with Toyota are due to take place in Los Angeles. Don't expect them to be quite like Knight Rider's KITT, rather cars will be connected through wifi and alert each other to sudden speed velocity changes.

'By letting cars 'talk' to each other, we can see what happens kilometres ahead - whereas current technology, instead, allows cars to perceive an obstacle only when it is physically in front of them," team member Professor Gustavo Marfia Said to the BBC.

A small widgety gadget effort would be attached to the car or the driver's phone. It would pass on information to all the cars around it that can receive it and the message would circulate further down the line that way. 'When the signal is sent out, the car that is in the best condition knows that it has to forward the alarm signal - and so it does,' said the good Professor.

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