If you live in a city, you won’t need a car

Cars are a major expense (according to the RAC we spend between 12% and 26% of our annual income on running our cars). When you take away the image they provide their owner with and the satisfaction drivers get from the pleasure of motoring, all a car does is get you from A to B. If you live in a major city like London, do you really need one?

Congestion charges

Let’s look at the advantages of doing away with your car. You’ll save road tax, servicing costs and the ever increasing fuel duties levied on petrol. If you live in London and have to drive into the congestion zone, you’ll also do away with the congestion charge.

Public transport

Public transport links in major cities like Birmingham and London are far better than in other parts of the country. Tube stations, bus stops and railway links are plentiful, particularly in the capital. They’re also reasonably priced, and the prices are fixed for a decent amount of time which makes budgeting for public transport costs far easier than budgeting for motoring expenses.

Car club

Those who live in London without a car can have the benefit of a car without the expense of a taxi by using a Car Club. These have been set up to allow citizens the opportunity to hire a car for a reasonable amount of money for a short amount of time. They're run along similar lines to the bike hire schemes seen throughout London. You can rent one for just 30 minutes if you need it for a short time. The cars are booked online and you’ll find them dotted around the capital so they’re very convenient. If you want the benefit of a car in London without the hassle of trying to find somewhere to park it overnight, check out a club like zipcar.co.uk.

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