I'll keep fighting

It's the talk of a true champion. Reigning Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel, who is a dead cert to retain his crown with an almost unassailable lead, has vowed to 'keep fighting' to the very last bend.

The nippy German could mathematically claim the title two weeks from now in Singapore. He told the DAPD news agency: 'If you fail twice, and someone else has a few good races, then things can change, so we are going to keep on doing our maximum.'

Determined to leave nothing to chance, he told Kleine Zeitung newspaper: '"Unless I have the title in the bag, I have nothing. You never know what is going to happen. Of course it's nice to have a head start so that maybe you feel a little safer, but still you cannot rest - you have to fight hard until the end.'

Mclaren boss Martin Whitmarsh has insisted that his team will not give up chasing the Red Bull driver until it is mathematically impossible to catch him. And maybe not even then. 'That is the appropriate thing for our team,' the Die Welt newspaper reports. 'We exist to win. It's in our DNA.

'Sebastian had an exceptionally good start to the season, but on the other hand Red Bull has only won two of the last six races. It looks to me as though we and Ferrari have caught up.

'In that situation you can't give up,' he added. 'As far as I am concerned there are seven races left and we can win them all.'

Fighting talk, but a gambling man wouldn't bet against Vettel sewing up the championship long before seven races are out

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