In a Frendzy

Now perhaps we can appreciate why Renault were so up in arms over the alleged industrial espionage perpetrated against them. Renault is getting ready to steal a march over its electric vehicle competitors at this September's Frankfurt Motor Show by releasing details of its concept car, the Frendzy.

The Frendzy aims be both a commercial vehicle, and family car. In an attempt to nail the dual role, it has an asymmetrical body. In 'work' mode, the car is just driver's seat with green interior lighting. In 'family' mode a passenger seat folds out of the floor and a rear bench comes out of the floor, with the green lights becoming orange.

On one side there's an A-Team style sliding door, while on the driver's side a pair of centrally opening doors represent 'the world of the family.'

Will people be getting into a Frendzy at Frankfurt about Renault's new Frendzy concept car? Go along between September 13-25 to find out. Or just read these pages.

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