In a lorry trouble

Eddie Stobart truck driver Ronald Day has been charged with deliberately setting fire to two of the firm's vehicles.

Mr Day has been charged with arson for his role in an arson epidemic, after 27 iconic Stobart trucks were set alight.

He was caught by police after they used tracking devices on two of the damaged trucks.

Why exactly Stobart trucks have been targeted is still something of a mystery to the boys in blue. In some extreme instances, drivers sleeping inside the vehicles hav been awoken by flames and have had to bid a hasty exit or risk going up in smoke.

This usually happened as the trucks were in lay-bys or service stations.

It was at first thought that there was something amiss with the lorries themselves, but after electrical experts made a thorough examination of the damaged vehicles it became apparent that arson was the more likely cause.

What the firm's eponymous owner would have made of the gruesome affair is anyone's guess – he passed away in March this year aged 56.

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