Insurance check up

Anxious parents will be able to check up on how their children are driving with a service provided by an online insurer fitting out their offspring’s car with a black box recorder.

Young Marmalade, a specialist in selling and renting cars to new drivers, will offer a better rate for motorists that install the system, and will send a letter to their parents if their driving is not up to scratch.

The recorder makes note of acceleration, braking and cornering speed. If drivers misbehave they and their parents will get a written warning. Two warnings in a month and the expect your premium to rise to as much as £400.

Young Marmalade claims that trials have demonstrated that the system leads to less aggressive driving.

‘It's not big brother; we're not just monitoring people, we are encouraging them to drive more safely,’ said Young Marmalade managing director, Crispin Moger, to The Telegraph.

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