Insuring British classic cars

Insuring British classic cars can be a testing thing to do. Classic car insurance isn't comparable to regular car insurance as there are just so many variables that don't usually enter the equation when it comes to regular insurance.

There is a growing market in the UK for classic car insurance, as more and more enthusiasts are picking up their dream motors. This is different to regular auto insurance in a lot of ways - so just what can you expect from a classic car insurance policy?

Statistics show that less than half of cars considered "Classic Cars" on British roads are insured with specialist classic car insurance. This means that they won't be able to take advantage of classic car insurance staples such as agreed value, liability insurance when at enthusiast events, and even cover during restoration work.

A lot of classic premiums can work out cheaper than regular premiums because they allow you to tailor things like the mileage you'll be covered for, and even offer free Euro cover. There's literally no excuse not to have specialist cover if you own a Classic in the UK.

So who is offering classic car insurance? Two companies are widely respected for their classic insurance: Footman James and Heritage Insurance. Both have extensive experience, and can cover almost any classic eventuality.

You can visit their respective websites at footmanjames.co.uk and heritage-quote.co.uk. Both will be able to offer you a quote online within minutes.

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