Into sports and fitness? Get the perfect alloy wheels

When you think of sports fitness alloys wheel, you think sport: rally driving, Formula 1, Grand Touring. Often the edition of a car that comes with alloys is the 'S', or Sport, version. But which kind of wheels is sportiest?

Probably nothing too intricate, we reckon. A complex design can have a certain retro charm, but isn't really sporty. And a circle-based pattern can be very nice, but doesn't really say 'speed.'

No, call us old-fashioned, but the sportiest type of alloy wheel is a straight five-prong star shape. After all, it's practical - the minimum amount of metal, and weight, to get the job done. And isn't that what sport is about? Sure, you can play with style, but in the end it's getting the job done - winning - that counts. We guess style is pretty key to winning in, like, figure skating. But is that really a sport? Let's not go there.

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