Ireland cars - we are finally catching up!

Ireland, cars are everywhere and now they're actually affordable! Ireland is known for having notoriously high road tax and insurance which can make it difficult, especially for younger drivers to get motoring. Up until the last couple of years the price of cars was also sky high but now garages are offering attractive scrappage deals and bonus incentives.

While not everyone is looking to buy a brand new car, there is the scrappage scheme to consider and, now that some garages are adding their own additional discounts, that could save you up to a whopping €5000 off a new car.

Car comparison websites are a good starting point as they can instantly show you what's available and how much you can expect to pay. Even if you're looking for a used car these sites offer invaluable information such as mileage, amount of previous owners and engine size.

If you have decided to buy a Preowned car, know that the garages always have some room for negotiation! The cash price is usually considerably less than if you're trading a car in or if you're hoping to obtain finance.

A trade in can end up costing you a lot as garages rarely pay the full value of the vehicle plus you lose out on the cash discount too so if you can sell your own car privately then do it! The best deals are to be found if you go shopping with cash. That way you know exactly how much you can afford and you have a bargaining point.

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