Is it worth it to rent a car for long trips?

If you’re asking yourself: is it worth it to rent a car for your holiday, you’ve caught onto something that people are beginning to do nowadays. Thanks to the high price of petrol, those with less fuel efficient cars that are okay for the short journey to work or those few miles around town at the weekend, are turning to rentals when they want to see a bit more of the UK.
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Working it out

You’ll need to do some maths to work out if there are real savings to be had from a rental car. To begin with you should make yourself familiar with your own car. Read what the manufacturer says its MPG is to give yourself a guideline and then take a reading for yourself by zeroing the counter when you fill up and seeing how far a tank will get you. You’ll need to do this several times to get a good feel for the car’s economy as several factors like the amount of journeys, whether most of the miles were done on the motorway or through the cities and the amount of passengers on board will have a bearing on the results.


If you’re covering the miles on your trip, hire a car with great fuel economy. You will have to turn to the manufacturer’s stats here, but choosing something that on paper is way more economical than your car, makes sense. This is also a chance to try a diesel car if you drive a petrol one.

Wear and tear

Aside from the fuel costs, you’ll also be saving on wear and tear. Depreciation can be greatly affected by the car’s mileage, particularly if your car is pretty new. You’ll also be saving a lot of worry if you take a rental car for that long road trip but only if you opt for the collision waiver.

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