I-Spy with my little something beginning with I

There's nothing worse than being stuck in traffic during a long car journey while the kids in the back bicker about who ate all the crisps. Thanks to the latest gizmo from mobile phone provider 3UK you never have to be bored in the car again.

TV channel Five’s Gadget Show are currently on tour in the UK, and during their Birmingham show 3UK showed off a nifty piece of kit that allows the internet to be used in car, whilst on the move. The clever function though is not a laptop stuck to the dashboard that’s connected to the internet but it creates an in-car wi-fi hotspot allowing all manner of wireless-web device to use it i.e. iPhone, iPad, netbooks etc.

The start off price for the in-car t'internet is £59.99 for all the components and 1GB of data, there after that you’ll pay for the data consumed. Of course you could just use the 3G internet connection on your iPhone at no extra cost.

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