It's vital to know your cars carbon dioxide emissions

We all know that cars pollute the environment with cars carbon dioxide emissions. However, cars are too important to our daily lives to stop using them altogether. Instead, if we want to protect the environment we can choose a car with low carbon dioxide emissions.

These days cars come with energy efficiency ratings that tell us how much of a polluter they are. The ratings are colour coded and very easy to read. Green is cleanest type of car, which offers the best fuel economy and the lowest emissions, while red means the opposite, low fuel economy and the highest carbon dioxide emissions.

The bands also come with a number that gives us the facts about the carbon dioxide emissions. Cars that produce 120 g/km of CO2 or less are considered to be economical, while cars that produce 186 g/km or more are considered to be uneconomical.

If you're not unduly worried about the environment and think that you don't need to worry about these bands then you're wrong. Your annual car tax is now weighted by what band your car falls into, and it also affects the London congestion charge you may have to pay. The lowest banded cars pay no congestion tax with the highest banded cars having to stump up £25 a day, in what could be a sign of things to come in the future.

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