Jaguar 308 tyres by Pirelli, their pressures and specifications

The Jaguar 308's tyres from Pirelli need pressures of 26PSI at the front wheels and 28PSI at the rear, for a comfortable and safe ride. Tyres can alter a car’s handling and they help to determine the car’s speed. They are also the most important safety element.


Whilst in production between 1997 and 2003, the X308 series of the Jaguar XJ was factory fitted with Pirelli P6000 tyres. These are premium touring summer tyres that are designed to be used in dry conditions. They wear well because they're made of a hard compound. This can lead to low grip, which is not good for wet weather driving. This also makes the noisier than some rivals. As this tyre offers good economy, it won’t offer much performance. It’s best used on motorways where the noise will not be as noticeable and the lack of grip will provide good fuel economy.


Tyre technology has improved greatly since the car ceased production in 2003. Today, Pirelli produce the P-Zero range. The standard P-Zero tyre is a marker by which other performance tyres are graded. It’s also original equipment for manufacturers like Aston Martin, Bentley, Mercedes and Jaguar.

It improves on its predecessors with an asymmetric tread pattern which provides enhanced handling, braking and control. The ‘S’ shaped tyre tread is designed to decrease the chance of aquaplaning on wet surfaces and provide low cabin noise levels to enhance driver and passenger comfort. The tyre wall’s structural integrity ensures uniform tyre wear and maximum grip as more of the tyre’s surface is in contact with the road.

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