We check out some of the Jaguar dealers in Scotland

Buying a car is a pricey experience, so it's always advisable not to take your purchase lightly. We would recommend that you do as much research as possible into the type of car you're looking for. Does it suit your needs? Are the roads in your area good enough for it? What will the insurance cost? How is the car for fuel? These are just a few of the most obvious questions that everyone asks when it comes time to buy themselves a new car, but there are other, arguably more important, questions to be asked.

These include questions such as where are you buying it? What is the dealership's reputation? How do they deal with mechanical problems? What kind of warranty do they offer? Are they likely to throw in any extras? Why should I choose this dealership ahead of any other one?

There are many, many more questions but this will give you an idea of the advisable line of thinking when it comes to buying yourself a new car. If you have settled on a Jaguar to be your new ride, then it's time to take a look at the Jaguar dealers in Scotland so that you can narrow down your choices.

www.taggards.co.uk offer a wide range of new and used cars including a number of excellent Jaguars, all for some of the best prices you'll find anywhere in the United Kingdom - not just Scotland. With friendly and efficient service it's hard not to recommend them to anyone thinking of buying a Jaguar.

Alternatively you could check Macrae & Dick, located online at www.macraeanddick.co.uk who have great deals including the XF for £31,900 and the XJ from £55,00, as well as some fantastic service and ongoing regular deals.

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