Jaguar diesel auto, style at its utmost

The Jaguar - the very name evokes a familiar feeling of style and luxury.  Its sleek lines and expertly crafted bodywork will turn heads wherever this car is seen.  It has been long considered that a car of this calibre is only going to produce the kind of performance and reliability that a petrol engine can deliver but the Jaguar diesel auto has shown to be quite a different class of car.

The Jaguar XJ series for instance with its beautiful sparkling bodywork, leather interiors and its noted high spec range of standard fittings and optional extras is a good seller these days in its diesel range.  When the Jaguar XF was launched with its 2.7 L V6 diesel engine it was replaced then in 2009 with the 3.0 V6 diesel to fully realise the efficiency and overall performance that was becoming standard and requested by the worldwide customers who demand this level of quality, especially in our economic climate experienced by all car buyers today.  The Jaguar diesel was developed using state of the art aerodynamic design efficiency.  This not only produces the sleek, graceful lines of its bodywork but also optimises the amount of drag efficiency as the car is moving at speed.  Diesel engines work particularly well when operating in low drag vehicles.  The Jaguar can be fitted with three different diesel engines, from the 2.7 litre V6 which 2720 cc up to the 3 litre V6 whichis 2993 cc in size.  Also not to mention that these engines are diesel twin turbo so drivers will notice the great feeling of that extra kick in the performance of these engines, but also their reliability and economy of fuel consumption.

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