Jaguar F-Type Review

Driving a Jaguar F-Type will change your experiences on UK roads. With so much power and style wrapped up in this classy car, you will be turning heads wherever you go. Lets take a look at what you will be getting if you decide to grab yourself your very own F-Type.

Sleek and Smooth

The exterior of the Jaguar F-Type is as sexy as any other car you'll see. In direct competition with the Porsche Boxter in its class,Jaguar's offering more than holds its own as the convertible F-Type has become a much desired car in recent times.

You can choose a Jaguar F-Type in V6, V6 S and V8 S versions. The 3 litre V6 engine offers 335bhp with the V6 S squeezing out 372bhp. There is a monstrous jump in power to the 5 litre V8 S which provides a whopping 485bhp and the V8 S has a top speed of 186 mph. Each model comes with a smooth transitioning 8-speed gearbox allowing you to gear your way up to a unique sounding purr.

The V6 handles quite well for the power output available but bundled with the more expensive V6 S and V8 S models you get an impresive adaptive suspension system. This dramatically improves the handling on the V6 S but the extra power in the V8 S means that unless you are careful you can overpower the system and the handling will suffer because of it.

Pricing can make or break a car no matter how good it is and unfortunately the Jaguar F-Type comes at a cost. The V6 costs around £58,500, the V6 S £67,500 and the V8 S will set you back £79,500. These prices are a big ask of consumers especially when you compare the basic V6 to the entry model Boxter at just £36,500.

Coupe On the Way?

Recently, leaked images of the all new 2014 Jaguar F-Type Coupe were leaked and the reaction has been very positive. The sleek lines and angles of the hard top mean that a convertible F-Type may no longer be top of Jaguar fans wishlist. Jaguar have yet to set a price on the coupe but expect it to be in and around the same as the convertible models.

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