Jaguar garages in the UK - easily found if you know where to look!

Jaguar garages in the UK can be either garages that are franchised Jaguar dealers or simply garages that have Jaguars for sale in their forecourt. If you're looking to buy a Jaguar then logging on to Jaguar.com will give you a comprehensive listing of all the garages that are approved Jaguar dealerships. To find your nearest dealer all you have to do is insert your postcode into the box and then the listings come up.

While these garages will be priced considerably higher than their colleagues that don't have franchise status, the benefits of having a warranty from Jaguar cannot be denied. Jaguar offers one of the most comprehensive warranties for used cars.

If the car is less than 5 years old, and has up to 100, 000 miles covered at the time of purchase, Jaguar offers a minimum of 12 months unlimited mileage warranty. If the car is between 5 and 10 years old you have an option of various warranties that you can avail of. Brochures that detail all benefits of buying an approved Jaguar are available to download from the website.

Carpages.co.uk is another starting point when it comes to locating Jaguar dealers within the UK as it gives addresses and links to the sites of dealerships that are licensed Jaguar stockists. This site also reviews various models of Jaguar and supplies comprehensive listings of both new and pre owned Jaguar models. There is even an option to select the exact model that you are searching for and then the site displays the cars that match your search and where they can be found.

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