Looking to Find a Classic Jaguar XJ6 for Sale in Ireland

Looking for find a Jaguar XJ6 for sale in Ireland isn’t hard: finding that special Jaguar that speaks to you is the trick. There are a lot of car enthusiasts whose dream it has been to own one of these distinctive automobiles. The long bonnet, smooth lines and classic style are hard to mistake. Best known in its early days as a sports car, the Jaguar XJ6 is a beautiful saloon that seats five in luxurious comfort.

A Bit of Jaguar History

Jaguar was actually started by two gents in Blackpool, England, back in 1922. The company was named The Swallow Sidecar Company, and they made custom sidecars for motorcycles. As their work became widely known, they began making auto bodies for manufacturers such as Morris, Fiat and Austin Seven. They continued on to make automotive history for the fastest production car of the time in 1948 at 126 mph. You can learn more of the Jaguar story online.

Finding a Jaguar XJ6 for Sale

You can spend time looking through the newspaper or auto sales circulars looking for your Jag. This might be successful for you, but if not, turn your attention to the Internet. When you search for a used Jaguar XJ6 in Ireland, you are going to be presented with probably more ads than you know what to do with. A few sites where you will find plenty of ads are carsforsaleireland, preloved.co.uk, sellcars.ie. These sites offer Jags for sale from private owners and dealerships, as well.

Buying Your New Jaguar

Pricing varies greatly on these beautiful cars. As with all used cars, it all comes down to the condition of the car, model year, mileage, and optional accessories. Prices can run from as little as €1131 to over €10,235 for the same model. Take the usual precautions when you find the Jaguar XJ6 for sale in Ireland that speaks your name.

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