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  • Pants on the Ground

    Pants on the Ground

    Hats off to this 62 year old for having the energy and the creativity to come up with a performance like 'Pants on the Ground.' While SyCo doesn't quite get into the spirit of things at first he soon warms up when he realises that he's on American TV and is therefore required to display enthusiasm. Which means Pants on The Ground man gets through to the next round....

  • Vile Haiti commentators slammed

    Vile Haiti commentators slammed

    Right wing fundamentalists Rum Lambaugh and Pat Robertson made some truly vile comments about the Haitian disaster over the weekend, here they are getting slammed into next week

  • Tattooed eyeballs: don't try it

    Tattooed eyeballs: don't try it

    These two bonkers inmates have coloured their eyeballs red and midnight blue. The effect is, er, like someone with tattooed eyeballs. They won't say how they did it, but it involved a hefty shot of pain and some homemade prison implements. We won't be trying this at home

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