Japendable cars

Japanese manufacturers have come out tops for reliability in a study of 50,000 cars by Warranty Direct.

The top ten places in the reliability league for cars aged between three and eight years were all taken up by Far Eastern manufacturers, leaving European cars lagging begind.

The booby prize for least reliable went to the 02-registered Range Rover, 56 per cent of which had problems in twelves months leaving owners paying an average repair bill of £517.88.

Whereas the best performing car by a stretch was the Honda Jazz, with only eight percent of vehicles going wrong over the same period and with an average bill of £215.21.

Second in the reliability league went to Toyota, with 14 percent needing repairs, one percentage point infront of Suzuki in third.

'Car buying is a tricky business, but all most people want is hassle-free motoring,' said Warranty Direct MD, Duncan McClure Fisher.

'While our study is the most comprehensive of its kind, we won’t see robust data on the very latest cars to be launched. We’ll have to wait around three years for that – nobody has a crystal ball to assess cars launched recently,' he added.

But Jaguar Land Rover were quick to pour cold water on the study. 'This survey's results are not representative of either the current product offering or the real progress Land Rover is making in terms of overall quality and reliability,' a spokes person said.

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