The very best Japanese alloys

Japanese alloys are all the range among boy racers these days. Thanks to films like Fast and The furious Tokyo Drift, many people have taken on-board the Japanese culture as far as racing goes. Now you can buy Japanese alloys from just about any racing goods store - but which are the best?

It's pretty simple really, there are two manufacturers of Japanese alloys that really stand out. Kato and Kei are easily the best of what is out there. Let's take a look at a couple of their offerings.

1. Kato Miura: These are a five spoke layout with dual spokes filling the gaps to give a powerful, eye catching look. They are matt black dual spokes and silver 5 spoke to give a two tone effect that would look incredible with just about any body kit.

2. Kato Sukumo: These are even more extravagant as far as spokes go. Instead of anything standard we are talking gun-metal finish over forked spokes. These are a great style if you want to stand out from the five spoke crowd.

3. Kei Racing RSS 17 x 7 Hypersilver: These are a five spoke set of alloys from Kei that are specifically racing inspired. They are really meant for performance ahead of visual but they are still pretty amazing to look at. Again they are finished in gun-metal and have a real pop on any hot-hatch.

All of these alloys are in the £500-£600 range so be sure to check them out online and search for discounts.

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