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Japanese car sales have always been a stalwart industry and this is because Japanese cars have long held the admiration of the motor industry.

Synonymous with performance and style, they only ever advance in technology and design. The best known manufacturers are Japanese. From Honda to Toyota, from Mitsubishi to Hyundai, everyone knows someone that drives a Japanese car.  There is a car for everybody...if you're a younger driver then you may have a yearning for a Civic and if you love your convertibles, Mazda is on hand with their nifty models.

While there are Japanese cars that are only used in Europe, they are built within European plants, there are also the Japanese import models. These can be recognisable by having a different model name, such as Mitsubishi Mivec or the Toyota Lucida, and they can have extras such as air conditioning or traction control that wouldn't be found in the generic models.

It's a common belief that an imported car can equate to more expenditure on parts, services etc and, while this may have been true years ago, it doesn't pose a problem now.

Modified car enthusiasts are die hard fans of Japanese cars and many motor factors cater exclusively for that Market. Another option for parts is the local scrapyards so getting replacement parts has never been easier.Japanese imported cars generally have low mileage due to very strict road laws in Japan and can be imported at relatively low cost.

The tax on bringing them home varies depending on the country you live in so check that out when considering your options. Dealers that import cars will add on their own mark up which can work out quite expensive but they usually register the car before they sell it on.

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