Interested in Japanese scooters?

If you want reliable Japanese scooters that will get you around in comfort the big 3 companies in Japan - Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha have great models to choose from. Ranging in prices from £2050 all the way up to £5950 for the most expensive model depending on your price range

Suzuki concentrate on larger scooters with the cheapest being £5950 (the 400cc Bergman 400), with that extra cost comes a very powerful scooter.

Honda make smaller scooters from 50 cc at prices from £2050 to £2400.The next engine class up being  250cc £5350 model (the Reflex).

This leaves Yamaha, Yamaha also have both small 50cc scooters and slightly larger 125cc scooter. The Zuma 125cc is £2999. Zuma scooters have an individual look, with their dual headlights and "tough" look. At £2199 the 50cc Zuma is affordable and Yamaha estimate the gas mileage at an amazing 123mpg!. At such impressive value in the mpg(miles per gallon) department the drawback is it`s top speed is about 40mph.

The Zuma 125 is only an extra £800 but gives you significantly better performance from a speed standpoint and also still gives great gas mileage with 96mpg the projected amount.

Of all the models the Zuma 125 is probably the best choice and at under £3,000 for a brand new 125cc scooter you will do well to find a better deal. Japan manufacturers are known for their outstanding reliability in vehicles and their is no difference with their high quality scooters.

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