Joining forces

Ford and Toyota have decided to let bygones be bygones, to put whatever difficulties they might have had behind them and to join forces in order to make hybrid trucks and SUVs together.

The automakers plan to develop a new hybrid system specifically for these kind of very big cars that Americans seem to love so much!

The pair put out a joint statement, in which they said that the first cars that will utilise the new system will be a fleet of rear-wheel drive light trucks, which will hit the showroom floors 'later this decade.'

The statement says that the 'rear wheel drive hybrid system will share significant common technology and components, [but] Ford and Toyota will individually integrate the system into their own vehicles.'

OK, so they're not completely throwing their oars in with each other, though this is still a very significant step. The two companies have also announced that they will work together to develop web-based in-car entertainment and telematics programs.

However, the full agreement between these two titans of the motor industry is not yet finalised. This is expected to happen next year so, in the meantime, expect lots of updates from us about the state of affairs.

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