Journey cut-backs

Britain's motorists are thinking again before making long trips because of the soarinf cost of fuel, a new report suggests.

And rural motorists are those most affected, with one third suggesting that shall have had to cut down on trips to see family members if the cost of running a car continues to rise.

'This year's Report on Motoring shows the tough choices being made by many motorists, with rural drivers hit the hardest as they have little alternative but to use their cars," said Adrian Tink, motoring strategist for the RAC. 'People's ability to live their lives and do the most basic of tasks, such as visit family and take their children to after-school activities, is being threatened – and it looks like it's only going to get worse.'

The report shows that a tenth of all motorists have already given up driving their kids to school or engaging in other, car related social activities.

Tink added: 'UK drivers want action from the Government. They already pay the highest duty and tax on fuel in Europe. At the very least, we are calling for fuel duty to be frozen and scheduled inflationary rises to be scrapped. In addition the Government should look again at the fair fuel stabiliser so that increased revenue from high oil prices can be passed back to drivers.'

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